About Us

Chalets et spa is getting a makeover.

The snowshoe hare (Lepus americanus) is our new standard bearer.

The hare is a wild animal present and often seen on our territory. Fast and agile, it travels long distances, summer or winter and it always finds the path back home.

Be like the snowshoe hare, come and live the cottage life differently, find shelter in a well-known place at Chalets et Spa Lac-Saint-Jean.


Our mission is to make you live cottage life differently with an exceptional site and a client-based experience.


We wish that Chalets et Spa Lac Saint-Jean becomes a major site for tourism, relaxation, outdoors and business. We want to be leaders using our ability to adapt to meet every clients’ requests and needs. Finally, we wish to be eco-friendly by using eco-responsible methods to contribute to the sustainability of our splendid area.


The values we promote in our accommodation and health center are equity, friendliness and pride.