Frequently asked questions

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Here are the most frequently asked questions

How far is the closest grocery store and what’s the name?

The closest grocery store is located about 2km from the main entrance of the town of Chambord. The name of the grocery store is Coop d’alimentation de Chambord.

En voici l’adresse: 1945 route 169, Chambord (QC) G0W 1G0

Is there a list of activities you strongly reccommend?

The Zoo sauvage of Saint-Félicien, l’Ermitage Saint-Antoine du Lac-Bouchette( retreat site), Val-Jalbert historical site , the Ilnu community of Mashteuiatsh, the Trou de la fée, and many more. Do not hesitate to consult the Destination Lac-Saint-Jean website for more information.

If we stay in your accommodations, is the access to the nordic baths included?

Normally, the access to the nordic baths is not included when you book a reservation in one of our accommodations. However, we give you a little bit of extra if you book on our website or by phone. In these cases, the access is included.

Are the pets allowed on the site?

No, pets are not allowed in our cottages or condos.

Can we smoke in your cottages?

At Chalets et Spa Lac Saint-Jean all our accommodations are non-smoking.

Do you have a laundry room service?

Some our our accommodations are not equipped with washing machines and dryers. If you need to wash your clothes, it is possible for us to do it. Bring your clothes to the reception desk after 4pm and it will be a pleasure to wash it.

A 10$ fee per wash may apply.

To learn more about our accommodations, visit our page accommodation. Each accommodation has its own detailed file.

See the page Our accomodations

Do you have a space to store bikes during the night ?

Yes, ask the reception office for more details.

Is there a wireless internet connexion on the facility?

Yes, the network is 4183421111 and the password is ChaletsSpaClients

Où peut-on louer des kayaks, canoës ou embarcations à moteur?

Vous pouvez retrouver tous ces types d’embarcations chez: 

Desbiens H2O Expédition (125 rue Quai Desbiens (QC) G0W 1N0 – 418-346-7238

Where can you rent bikes?

You can rent from these two locations:

Équinox Aventure (1385 Chemin de la Marina, Alma, QC G8B 5W5 – 1-888-668-7381)

Camping Mont-Plaisant (993 Route de l'Aéroport, Roberval, QC G8H 2M9 – 418-275-0910)